"Doug Hiser has the enthusiasm and sense of wonder of a child, the body of an athlete, a sensitive compassionate heart, and the resilience to keep getting up when life crashes over him like an avalanche. He is the author of many books, short stories, poems, children's stories, hundreds of paintings and drawings and amazing works of art in all media. Doug Hiser is a dynamic speaker and lecturer, a teacher, passionate about conservation, animals and trees, and as much as he dislikes concrete and cities he has found himself helpless to live too near the sprawling city of Houston, Texas."



"Doug Hiser is an author of several books and a professional fine artist of all media, illustration, sculpture, and collage. After winning the Houston Poetry Slam in 1993 he published three poetry chapbooks, SHARDS OF LIES, THE SEVEN RAGES, and WHISKEY MOON. He grew up in Santa Fe, Texas and graduated from the University of Houston CL as Student of the Year in 1996. His art adorns galleries and has won numerous awards. He is currently working on two new novels. He lives in Dickinson, Texas with his wife, Gayln, and their many birds. He enjoyed an instant of fame while appearing on the television show AMERICAN GLADIATORS in 1992. Doug and his wife are avid soccer players and love all sports."

The Honey Bee Girl


A story of first love in a small Texas town and the adventures of a teenager roaming the woods in search of nature and solitude while the world changes around him, altering his path and his love.

Montana Mist: Winter of the White Wolf


In the remote Montana wilderness, a mountain man, who was once a professional athlete, lives his life in seclusion while protecting and raising orphan wolves. Giving his heart to Sassy, a young woman hitchhiking across America, he guards his secrets and another woman in his life, the beautiful and blind "Shy Girl."


As the wolf pack roams the mountains, he searches for Mist, the white wolf he raised and released into the harsh snowy forested peaks.


With ties to the wolves that are as close as the bond with his new love, Montana Mist is the story of one man's secrets, the two women in his life, and the wild wolves in the last untamed region man has not touched. A man shaped by the mystery of his past, and the complication of his future, this adventure of his heart threatens to destroy his precious solitary world of mountain, wolverine, moose, elk, and wolf.

Tropical Calypso


Stories that dazzle like imagination candy. Reading Hiser is like changing channels on your TV and finding quirky, odd, lovely episodes on every channel, without any commercials. Able to switch from true love to horror and then dive into another realm where fish swim in the air and blackbirds prophesize death, Hiser gives your brain something to think about. . .and it isn't always safe.



Wink-Eye Creek


Wink-Eye Creek is a unique collection of Young Adult Fiction containing scary quirky humorous characters in diverse situations. Connecticut Sam embarks on a quest to capture African crowned cranes in North Carolina, The Serpent of African legend lurks in the dark waters of Galveston Bay, a hairy monster roams behind the Post Office in Woodville, Texas, and mysterious creatures find a hidden connection in the Amazon jungle.



Cavern of the Eggstone


This creative story is an imaginative adventure about a quest of two unlikely heroes thrust into dangerous and exciting situations against unique creatures and strange powers.

Crow Canyon


Crow Canyon is a compelling literary fiction showcase for stories that are bizarre and beautiful. The settings are painted with words that deliver the smell and the feel of each place and tug on the sleeve of the reader to enter the jungle and hear the macaws and monkeys in the upper canopy or trudge in ankle deep snow in the mounatins following a wolf pack hunting a wounded elk. Crow Canyon delivers story telling with twisted endings and amazing imagination.

Lost Oasis


Lost Oasis is a collection of poetry that ranges from intense emotion, erotic imagination, to far reaching metaphoric animalistic description and stirs the soul into compelling absorption.

Secret Grotto


Secret Grotto is a jewel of a collection of short stories with stunning plots and imagination that dominates the field.


"Whether you read for pure story or the joy of discovering unique sentences like, "When I drive around at night, by myself, I think a lot about dead polar bears," you are likely to be helpless before the discovery of this great stroytelling voice."

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